How Much Energy Do We Use?

It's difficult for me to really understand how much energy we use. Can we replace gasoline with leftover oil from restaurants? Can we replace coal with solar? I decided to convert our usage into things that are easier for me to wrap my head around.

Compare City Climates

I've added a new tool that lets you compare the climates of two cities.

How Do I Know If An Article I See Is Accurate?

A lot of articles are written about climate change and it might be difficult to know what is accurate, what is media hype, and what is actual lies meant to push an agenda. There's a cool site that actually has scientists evaluate the quality of articles on climate change that might help with that:

They rate things on a scale of -2 (very low credibility) to +2 (very high credibility) and give explanations of their review.

If you know of any other sites like this, please let me know.

How Expensive Are Greenhouse Gases?

Emissions will change our climate which will affect our GDP. How big of an impact might this be?

When Might We Be Able To Grow Oranges In Atlanta?

As temperatures rise, the areas in which specific crops will grow will shift. When will they shift enough for us to be able to grow oranges in Atlanta?