This is a page about pollution, global warming, and how they affect us. It contains blog posts and tools related to it. A primary focus is making global warming data easier to understand through the use of data visualizations, summaries of model runs, etc. Some questions that I try to answer are:
  • How will global warming affect specific locations?
  • What climate change impacts have we seen already?
  • Can we stop global warming?
  • What are some of the subtle effects of pollution?
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Whatever Happened to Acid Rain?

Acid rain was a well-covered environmental crisis, but we don't really hear much about it now. What happened to it?

How Much Global Warming Is Already Locked In?

We've released a lot of greenhouse gases already. If we stopped releasing them tomorrow, how much warming would we have already locked in?

We Should Encourage People to Drive Less

Incentives for buying electric cars always felt a bit weird to me and I never thought through why. I finally thought through it this week and settled on what gives me that feeling.

Have Climate Projections Been Accurate?

I went through some of the most well-known climate projections from decades ago and compared them with actual observations to test their accuracies.

The Claim That '71% of Emissions Are from Only 100 Corporations' Is Misleading

I keep seeing quotes like '71% of emissions come from only 100 companies' used to imply that corporations like BP are responsible for nearly all emissions, and that is misleading.

How Can We Stop Global Warming?

This is a simple tool for seeing how different policies might impact global warming going forward.