TLDR Climate Stories #1

These are extremely short summaries of the studies, stories, etc. related to global warming/climate change that I found most interesting in recent weeks...

Visualizing A Heat Wave - 2011 US

I took a crack at visualizing a heat wave because I thought that might look cool. I chose the 2011 heat wave in the central and southern part of the US. I picked this one because I live in Austin, TX and this heat wave is still somewhat famous here.

visualization of the 2011 heat wave that hit Texas and Oklahoma

New Tool For Comparing City Climates

I've added a new tool that lets you compare city climates and it is here.
city climate comparison tool

Make A Simple Climate Model From Scratch

I wanted to make a simple climate model from scratch, so I took some of the data that's available and created one. I've written up the process in detail here for anyone who wants to do something similar and have created a simple tool using this that you can play with here.
Global warming temperature projection with Paris agreement

6 Ways Global Warming Is Already Affecting The World That You Might Have Missed

I submitted this as a pitch to and it was rejected for being too obvious to everyone, so I figured I'd post it here since I'd already written it.

We often hear about how bad global warming will be, but that’s not really a big deal because that’s a problem for future humans to deal with. Wouldn’t it suck though if previous generations thought that also and we’re their future humans. Well…there’s bad news…