Atmospheric CO2 Is Accelerating

I see atmospheric CO2 levels plotted vs year pretty regularly, but I realized that I don't recall seeing how much it actually changes each year so here's that...

US Energy Usage By Type

You hear a lot about the death of coal and the rise of renewables, but I haven't seen the data in a format that I've really liked so I put that together.

Can We Stop Global Warming?

There are a massive number of articles out there about global warming and the Paris agreement. The goal was to stay under 1.5 degrees of warming and our absolute limit was 2.0 degrees of warming. I rarely, if ever, see articles that talk about the feasibility of any of this though, and I figured I'd write my blunt assessment.

Tool For Visualizing Our Carbon Budget

I've added a new tool that lets you visualize our carbon budget in a way that I haven't seen before (I've seen this type of visualization...not a tool that lets you play with it).

Tool For Finding Your Ideal City Climate

I've added a new tool that lets you filter cities by climate characteristics so you can find the city with your ideal climate...

Shift In Climate Normals Due To Global Warming

I was curious how much climate normals have shifted in the past few decades, so I put together some gifs looking at that.