Has It Already Gotten Hotter?

A reasonable question to ask is, "We've been pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for a while now...is it getting noticeably hotter yet?" I've attempted to answer that with a few different metrics.

Search Engine That Plants Trees

This might be a scam...I'm not actually sure, but there's a search engine called Ecosia (https://www.ecosia.org/https://www.ecosia.org/) that claims to use the ad revenue they earn from users to plant trees. I have been using the site for a little over a month now and haven't run into any issues with it. Full disclosure though...I did use bing before that because they pay you to use them, so my standards for a search engine might not be the same as everyone else's.

Still...check it out if you're interested.

How Much Energy Do We Use?

It's difficult for me to really understand how much energy we use. Can we replace gasoline with leftover oil from restaurants? Can we replace coal with solar? I decided to convert our usage into things that are easier for me to wrap my head around.