Make A Simple Climate Model From Scratch

I wanted to make a simple climate model from scratch, so I took some of the data that's available and created one. I've written up the process in detail here for anyone who wants to do something similar and have created a simple tool using this that you can play with here.
Global warming temperature projection with Paris agreement

6 Ways Global Warming Is Already Affecting The World That You Might Have Missed

I submitted this as a pitch to and it was rejected for being too obvious to everyone, so I figured I'd post it here since I'd already written it.

We often hear about how bad global warming will be, but that’s not really a big deal because that’s a problem for future humans to deal with. Wouldn’t it suck though if previous generations thought that also and we’re their future humans. Well…there’s bad news…

Tutorial For Working With NetCDF Climate Data In Python

There's a massive amount of climate data out there, and it's not always easy to find and understand. I figured I'd make a quick tutorial for anyone who wants to start working with it. This also serves as a tutorial for reading data from netcdf files in Python.

New Tool For Seeing If Your Summers Have Gotten Hotter

I put up a recent post analyzing if it's noticeably hotter yet, and in talking with a co-worker I realized a tool might help visualize that in a way that's more intuitive for people so I wrote one.

us summer temperatures before and after global warming

Good Books About Climate Change

I've read a good bit about climate change over the years and a question on the other day made me think about what my favorites are. I figured it was worth making a list with my reviews of them so here it is.