Good Books About Climate Change

I've read a good bit about climate change over the years and a question on the other day made me think about what my favorites are. I figured it was worth making a list with my reviews of them so here it is.

This is the best book overall on the subject that I've read so far. The author is extremely knowledgeable (previously led the DOE's renewable energy group, very active climate blogger, etc.) and provides a good balance of scientific detail and simple explanations in a Q&A format. Covers how we know what is happening, what's happened so far, what will happen given various different paths we can take, and how likely and effective those paths are. 5/5 and the one book I'd recommend if someone will only read one.

This is a very recent book on the subject and is a bit more optimistic than some of the others on this list. I really like Bloomberg's content and this provides an easy introduction to a lot of information written in a format similar to blog posts (think Freakonomics), some of which I hadn't seen before (e.g., a story about costly kerosene usage in India that's less efficient than solar power). 5/5.

This one is really interesting because Muller is often listed as a famous climate skeptic, received some funding from the Koch brothers, etc. He led the Berkeley Earth team that independently confirmed that the Earth is warming at a rate consistent with the findings from other groups, and provided a really high-quality data set for everyone else to use (I use it heavily on this site). It also provides a pretty good overview of the energy situation facing the world currently. The only negative is that it's a bit dated, particularly his section on electric cars. Because it's dated now, I'm giving it a 4/5.

The most depressing book on this list is (unfortunately?) very easy to read. It approaches the situation from a different angle, and attempts to describe the Earth over the next century or so at various temperature increases that are all well within the range of possibilities given our current situation. This one is also a bit dated now however, so even though the research cited is valid, there is newer and better research available now. Because it's dated now, I'm giving it a 4/5 also.

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