New Tool For Comparing City Climates

I've added a new tool that lets you compare city climates and it is here.
city climate comparison tool

This one was basically because I thought it would be fun to visualize and play with. My wife asked for something similar a while back when I posted the one to compare how temperatures have changed over the last 100 years.

If you're looking for interesting comparisons, my favorites are:

- Balikpapan, Indonesia with anywhere else; Balikpapan is very close to the equator and coastal, so the temperatures are impressively constant through the year; it's also my wife's hometown; I've joked to her about growing up without seasons in the past, but I never really understood how stable the temperature there is until I used this

- Baghdad, Iraq with anywhere else; I thought living in Texas was hell in terms of hot weather, but Baghdad seems like it shouldn't support life

There are a number of places that caught me off-guard also. I would have guessed the Mexico City and Cairo are hotter than they are and that Moscow is colder than it is. I think of Moscow being brutally cold. However, I lived in Albany, NY for a while and found it pretty pleasant, and the temperatures are apparently pretty similar.

I would ideally like to have this tool work for temperatures over the years instead of just recent ones, but the temperature record outside of the US and Europe is really bad for most of the last century. I'll put up a future post on that.

As always...let me know in the comments if you have any requests for it, find any errors, etc.

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