Cool Plot Showing The Relationship Between Temperature/Global Warming And Hurricane Strength

I'm hoping they'll publish full analysis, but for now all we have is this image from a tweet:

does global warming make stronger hurricanes

This image is taken from this tweet by Zeke Hausfather. The reply chain is worth reading through.

Essentially though, category 4 and 5 hurricanes apparently don't form in cooler waters. They don't show up in really hot waters here either, but that's because the areas that are conducive to hurricane formation don't get that hot currently.

It makes sense given that we know about global warming and hurricanes (good summary). This was just the coolest visualization of an existing data set that I've seen. He also did the absolute one to make it clear that we don't get more category 5's than category 1's, and it's here:

does global warming make stronger hurricanes

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