This is a page about pollution, global warming, and how they affect us. It contains blog posts and tools related to it. A primary focus is making global warming data easier to understand through the use of data visualizations, summaries of model runs, etc. Some questions that I try to answer are:
  • How will global warming affect specific locations?
  • What climate change impacts have we seen already?
  • Can we stop global warming?
  • What are some of the subtle effects of pollution?
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What Are Some Impacts Of Each Degree Of Global Warming?

There are two cool sources I've encountered that summarize this...

First, this page from Carbon Brief is pretty cool. It aggregates numbers from a large number of studies about everything from expected GDP loss from sea level rise to expected drop in cold nights. It breaks it down by degree and location.

Second, Six Degrees by Mark Lynas is a good summary. It's a bit older so some things are outdated, but those are minor and it's really compelling overall.

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