Global Warming Is Accelerating

Is the rate of global warming increasing over time? Unfortunately, it appears to be...


To test this out, I used data from Berkeley Earth. I took 20-year bins, averaged the temperatures, and subtracted each bin from the next one to get the 20-year change. I then multiplied by 5 to get the change per 100 years.

As an example...imagine the average from 1978 - 1997 was 22 degrees and the average from 1998 - 2017 was 22.4 degrees. The 20-year change was 22.4 - 22, or 0.4 degrees. That implies a rate of change of 0.4 * 5, or 2.0 degrees per 100 years.


Here are the results for land surfaces only:

You can clearly see the upward trend, the flat period after WW2 when production ramped up with no pollution controls and aerosol cooling countered warming, and the period after pollution controls (starting ~1980) where the upward trend continues. Remember, this is the rate of change of temperature. Temperatures are not just rising. They are rising at an accelerating rate.

Here is the same plot for the entire globe:

Oceans warm and cool more slowly so the trend is a bit slower, but same trend.

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